Charge Air Cooler

A charge air cooler (also known as an intercooler) is used to cool engine air after it has passed through aturbocharger, but before it enters the engine.

The idea is to return the air to a lower temperature, for the optimum power for the combustion process within the engine.

Charge air coolers range in size depending on the engine. The smallest are most often referred to as intercoolers and are attached to automobile engines or truck engines. The largest are reserved for use on huge marine diesel engines, and can weigh over 2 tonnes.

Here at Spiro-Gills Thermal products we are able to quote and supply:

  • Closed circuit Coolers to meet the needs and requirements of the power generation and electrical industries.
  • Pressure Gas Coolers to meets the needs of the compressed gas market. (Quantities of 5,000nm3/h up to abt 5000,000 nm3/h in the pressure range up to abt. 50 bars).
  • Recirculation coolers to meet the needs for air-cooled machines as well as middle size generators.
  • Charge Air Coolers. These are custom made for all individual engine designs, particular criteria, and varied operational conditions. As an integral component of diesel and gas engines, they work steadily on ships, rail-borne vehicles or in stationary installations for engine performances>150kw

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