Inspection, Pressure and Performance Testing

Stay on top of your heat exchanger with planned preventative testing from Spiro Gills. All of our heat exchangers and products are inspected and performance tested extensively before leaving our factory.

We can provide on-site testing of heat exchanger and components as for our builds or as a third party on request. A non-exhaustive list of tests and testing is as follows;

  • Tube Bundle pressure testing - These units must be sealed and able to withstand high pressure. We heave the tools and knowhow to carry out these tests in our workshop or on-site;
  • Noise testing - make sure your cooler meets the design brief with a third party test from Spiro Gills.
  • Performance testing - Our team of engineers can carry out performance testing, making recommendations to improve or review designs for upgrades.
  • Non-destructive testing - Ensure your heat exchangers are built from the correct materials. We can provide NDT on pressure vessels and structures.
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