Maintenance and On-site Installation

Spiro Gills have a history of delivering Air Cooled Heat Exchanger in all corners of the globe. Our team can advise, oversee and coordinate your next heat exchanger installation, even if it is not one of our own products. After years of shipping and arranging transportation of large scale coolers we have learned a thing or two about who to work with and how global transportation works.

Our heat exchangers go through a sea transportation process before leaving our site. In this process we cap the tube bundles and fill the units with an inert gas under pressure. We then take a reading of the pressure and prepare the unit for transport with shackles and protective packaging. The inert gas keeps the tube bundles internal surfaces free from corrosive salt water and sea air that may contaminate the heat exchanger before it ever sees action.

All our heat exchangers come with an advised schedule of maintenance. On request we can send a team of experts to test and carry out maintenance anywhere in the world.

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