Replacement Parts

Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd, Supply Spares and Replacement parts for use in Heat Exchangers, Process and Engine Cooler Systems throughout the world.

Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd offers a full range of spares and replacement parts for all Process and Engine Cooler Systems supplied by Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd and other manufacturers such as :
  • Bearing Sets and Drive Shafts
  • Fans and Fan Ring Assemblies
  • Fan Louvers
  • Tube Supports
  • Header Plugs
  • Gaskets
  • Process and Engine Cooler Re-Tubing Bundles and Upgrades
  • Fin Fan Upgrade and Replacement Parts
  • Heat Exchanger Spares and Replacement Parts
  • Fan Motors, Drive Gear and Assemblies
With an extensive archive dating back from the mid 1960s, we can identify and supply spares for most enquiries on a quick turnaround. Many products are available with short lead times and our extensive archive allows us to cross reference replacement parts for Heat Exchanger we have supplied. Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd can also offer complete fan upgrades for both Process and Engine Coolers and Fin Fan Coolers. Off-site Re-Tubing of Process Cooler Bundles with rapid turnaround times - minimising critical shutdown periods - is a speciality. Whatever your requirement, please feel free to call us in the first instance for expert advice.

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Spiro Gills is a manufacturer of both welded and applied finned tube. We carry popular sizes of finned tube in stock and have the ability to manufacture emergency supplies 24 hours a day.

Fin Maintenance 

Keeping on top of your fins is essential for air cooled heat exchangers. We provide the tools and equipment to help you maintain your equipment

Welded Finned Tube

Our three High Frequency Thermotool lines can manufacture welded finned tube around the clock. Contact us with you requirements.

Applied Finned Tube

We have two McElroy applied finning lines in operation to supply tube bundle assemblies.

Tube Supports

The elements can deteriorate tube supports over time. We can manufacture new supports to your specification on request. Contact us for more information.



An air tight seal is an essential component of your heat exchanger system. We can supply gaskets for any make, model or specification on air cooled heat exchanger. 


Header plugs are vital to maintenance and should be kept on hand. Our plug design is unique to Spiro Gills and can only be supplied by us. We can machine and supply plugs for other applications to your design specifications. 



As a group we manufacture heat exchangers in addition to other industrial products. Spiro Gills can design, manufacture, test and deliver fin fan coolers and their components while our sister company DMI Young & Cunningham can provide bespoke and standard valves and gauges. All enquiries can be handled through Spiro Gills but be assured that DMI Young and Cunningham have decades of experience suppling valves for critical applications such as the MoD and nuclear power stations. Examples of ancillary components;
 Pressure Guages
 Temperature Guages


DMI Young & Cunningham manufacture, stock and distribute valves and fluid control systems (including Quick Close valve, Butterfly valve, Check valve, Gate valve, Globe valve, Angle valve and Strainers) from the DMI Group headquarters in North Shields. 
Contact us for 

more information


Getting access to headers, fins and fans requires specially made walkways, stairs and railing. Some of our structures are mounted in awkward places with limited access. We can design and manufacture access equipment around your projects location or as a free standing unit. We also provide replacement access equipment for any heat exchanger. 


We manufacturer stairs, steps and ladders to your exacting specification. We can also design and manufacture to fit within an existing structure. 


Having manufactured thousands of heat exchangers we know what it takes to get around them a less risky task. Our walkways and railings are made to measure for each project.


Fan blades are manufactured to application specific parameters. We can provide replacement fan blades for any of our coolers and off design for non Spiro Gills heat exchangers.

Fan Rings

Protect fan blades from damage and Personel from injury. Fan rings are essential for safety and efficient cooling operation. 


We install ABB motors and drivetrains in most of our units but are able to supply motors from various manufactures to your specifications.


Rubber belts are a consumable part and  should be replaced regularly to avoid downtime. We can provide a wide range of belt brands, sizes and designs.

Louvers & Actuators

An additional method of controlling air flow. Spiro Gills can manufacture louvers to your specifications and provide replacement actuators for any application.


Fans, motors, louvers and drive gear all require bearings to operate smoothly. We can provide bearing to OEM specifications on request.

Drive Gear

Depending on your application your heat exchanger may use a gearbox, belts, chain or other method of driving fans. We can provide spares for any type of drive.


Spiro Gills can manufacture assemblies to fit your requirements. Contact us with details and we will provide a quote and timeframe for delivery.


If you would like more information on any of the services we offer or have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.



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