DMI Group of Companies

DMI Global is a group of medium sized companies each with its own management structure, answerable to a single board of directors, under one umbrella and head quartered in Newcastle, United Kingdom. 

 The activities of the group enable it to provide comprehensive services to most industries and although predominantly it was based upon Marine activities in its earlier years it has progressed and expanded to incorporate many key industries and sectors.

Spiro Gills thermal products ltd

Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing air-cooled heat exchangers for a multitude of cooling applications. Our extensive experience includes, but is not limited to, Process Coolers, Power Generation Cooling, Transformers, Condensers and many more cooling systems.


DMI Young & Cunningham manufacture, stock and distribute valves and fluid control systems (including Quick Close valve, Butterfly valve, Check valve, Gate valve, Globe valve, Angle valve and Strainers) from the group's headquarters in North Shields.
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Landons are one of the UK’s leading heavy steel fabricators specialising in fabrications in mild steel, as well as stainless steel and aluminium.

Landons' standards of quality and expertise are highly regarded. As a result, they continue to supply a range of industries, including power generation, renewable energy and construction.
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Highland Electroplates Limited, provide a high quality, speedy surface coating service throughout Scotland and the North of England. Located close to Aberdeen Airport.

Processes offered include, Alocrom, Anodising, Copper, Electroless Nickel, Phosphating, PTFE/ Mos2 coatings including Xylan, Everslik, Molykote and Enlube, Silver and Zinc –Nickel Plating.
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AMI have been designing and manufacturing bespoke heat exchangers for over 25 years in their purpose built factory in Hartlepool, UK.

AMI's prime focus is rapid turnaround of replacement exchangers using high quality materials as an alternative to the inflexible and expensive original units.
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ACT strive to provide quality heat exchanger solutions to all clients in the marine and power generation sectors. They also understand that in times when budgets are tight, every effort must be made to provide low cost solutions.

From a state-of-the art facility in Cape Coral, Florida (USA) ACT design and manufacture every unit that leaves the factory with these requirements in mind.
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DMI Drechsler GmbH

DMI Drechsler GmbH is a leading company in the field of steel construction and machinery, welding and metal spraying as well as reconditioning of different engine components. DMI Drechsler own two factories in a convenient location on the edge of the Hamburg harbour. Factory 1 for naval technology, steel construction and welding, and factory 2 for metal spraying.
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DMI Automotive

The chromium plating of cast iron car body press dies, universally practiced in Japan, was not readily available in Europe until the successful conclusion of DMI(UK)'s technology transfer agreement with Koka Chrome Industries in 1989. Europe's largest chromium plating specialists, DMI(UK) is now providing all the improvements in quality control and cost reduction inherent in this process to most of the major European car manufacturers.
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