About Us

About Us

Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd have been designing and manufacturing heat exchangers, process, and engine coolers and finned tube since 1946 (previously encompassing GEA Air exchangers Ltd, APV Spiro-Gills, Stafford Fabrications Ltd and GEA Spiro-Gills) Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd was established in 2008 following a management buyout from the previous owners in order to continue production from the site in Stafford. During the past 70 years, we have gained a knowledge and expertise in our field that is renowned and respected in our industry.

We are able to design, fabricate and supply all major process cooling components, including finned heat exchanger tubes in either welded, applied or extruded fin tube form, and headers, plenum chambers, fan rings, bundle frames & structure. We also offer customers heat exchanger repair and re-tubing facilities undertaken to meet customers shutdown periods, typically a 10-day turnaround.

Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd offer a spares and replacement parts service for all types of air cooler, heat exchanger, and fin fan cooler.

We endeavor to always exceed our customer’s expectations.

With over 70 years experience of manufacturing welded, applied and extruded fin tube and heat exchangers, your first call should be Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd.

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Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd

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