Worldwide Supply

Spiro Gills has supplied bespoke ACHE and finned tube to over 100 countries since 1946.

Innovative Solutions

Our coolers can be mounted to structures and freestanding. Their square shape is unique for pressure vessels.

Quality Assured

We use the latest HTRI software to design and test our coolers before manufacturing. All our work is to welded to ASTM Code and are certified to ISO9001:2015. 
Process Cooling

Steam and other heated liquids play in integral part in a wide range of engineering processes. High pressure steam can provide mechanical energy to power rams or turbines and also deliver thermal energy to alter the temperature of materials or fluids in a process. The temperature and pressure of steam in a given process is […]

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Power Generation

Steam powered turbines are the backbone of the worlds energy grid. Nuclear, coal and biomass power plants all use this basic methodology to produce energy efficiently. The feedstock may change but the principals are all the same. Create steam at a high pressure, pass this steam through a turbine that is connected to a generator […]

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Oil and Gas

Air cooled heat exchangers are found in many areas of oil and gas extraction and refining. Their low maintenance requirements and no need for cooling fluid give them the upper hand in many applications. Air cooled heat exchangers can reduce the temperature of extracted oil and gas before onward processing. In areas where cooling water […]

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