Power Generation

Steam powered turbines are the backbone of the worlds energy grid. Nuclear, coal and biomass power plants all use this basic methodology to produce energy efficiently. The feedstock may change but the principals are all the same. Create steam at a high pressure, pass this steam through a turbine that is connected to a generator and keep everything spinning as efficiently as possible.

In most cases these power generation sites are large and easily recognisable. The most iconic element being cooling towers. The volume of steam generated in Nuclear and coal power plants is hard to comprehend. It would be harmful to the environment and dangerous to allow this superheated steam to be released directly to the air without prior cooling. Air Cooled Heat Exchangers can act in unison with cooling towers or on their own in banks to cool this steam for reuse or disposal.

A small amount of energy is produced globally using direct drive power generation from a traditional combustion engine. In many cases diesel and natural gas generators act as backup uninterrupted power supplies for hospitals, data centres and critical applications. Spiro Gills can provide heat exchangers to suit combustion style power generators of any size.

Along with steam and cooling fluid temperature control, energy grids require cooling during distribution. Transformers convert energy at substations to useable outputs. Depending on their location and application transformers and transformer fluids may need to be cooled to operate without risk. Spiro Gills has experience designing and suppling transformer coolers. Landon Engineering, a company within the DMI Group, has experience manufacturing large scale transformer housings as a sub-contracted manufacturer.

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