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Home Upgrading of Heat exchangers and Components

Upgrading of Heat exchangers and Components

Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd offers valuable expertise to operators who are considering an upgrade or replacement solution for their heat exchanger when process demands have outstripped the original specification and the space or funds are not available for a new installation.

Our thermal and mechanical assessment will establish the best and most cost-effective upgrade within the limitations of your budget – our vast experience with fin fans, fan drive motors and other aspects of air-cooled heat exchanger technology can make an air cooler upgrade a surprisingly successful option even if it is just a tube bundle upgrade.

Existing fans are often old, noisy or obsolete. Applying the correct engineering solution and using an up-rated drive with increased power electric motors can modify an outdated cooler to cope with a higher heat load while still meeting the ever more stringent industry standards for noise and vibration levels.

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