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Header Air Coolers and Heat Exchangers

Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd Plug & Cover Plate Header Air Coolers and Heat Exchangers for use in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power generating stations, and fertilizer and gas production plants throughout the world.


The plug header is the most commonly used header type for working pressures up to 350 bar in heat exchangers and air coolers. The plughole opposite each tube allows the finned tube to be expanded into the tube sheet. It also facilitates mechanical cleaning and plugging in case of leakage repairs, re-tubing and upgrading.

For hydrogen service at high pressure, seal welding or strength welding can be provided. This is less expensive than using pipe headers, which are generally employed with a service pressure above 200 bar.


The cover plate header is used for fluids with high fouling factors up to 40 bar maximum where frequent mechanical cleaning is needed. It is also used for highly corrosive process fluids to allow periodic checking of the corrosion allowance.

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