Fan Assemblies

Here at Spiro-Gills we are Proud to represent Howden Netherlands.

Howden Netherlands Designs and supplies industrial cooling fans in various types as seen below:

D Series

Howden D-series axial cooling fans are designed to operate at peak efficiency at the most common duty points in field erected cooling towers and air-cooled steam condensers.

E Series

Howden E-Series cooling fans, the most widely supplied by Howden, are available in three different blade profiles, ENF, ELF & ELFA, for application in cooling towers, air-cooled heat exchangers or air-cooled steam condensers. The E-series offers the choice of a highly efficient impeller...

K Series

Howden K-Series cooling fans are designed for use in factory assembled cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers. This design combines Howden product quality with superior performance, low power consumption and timesaving features.

SX Series

Howden SX-Series low-noise cooling fans are used in a wide range of cooling and ventilation systems that must meet strict environmental noise levels.

Fan Casing

Howden patented "Fan Casings" have a unique lightweight, double wall construction and are designed to match Howden cooling fans used in air-cooled steam condensers.

We are also able to supply other manufacturers of fans e.g. Hudson, Cofimco & many more.

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