Cooling Systems

Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd: Design and Manufacture Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Cooling Systems.

Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing air-cooled heat exchangers for a multitude of cooling applications. Our extensive experience includes, but is not limited to, Process Coolers, Power Generation Cooling, Transformers, Condensers and many more cooling systems.

Our coolers are designed to meet the most onerous worldwide environments on sites from the Arctic to the Equator. Design and construction incorporate materials that ensure long and trouble-free service with a minimum of maintenance. The heat transfer surfaces are selected from Spiro-Gills’ extensive range of finned tube systems and are optimised to suit the application in the most cost-effective manner. We employ a team of thermal engineers with extensive experience in solving the kind of problems likely to arise in this area of operations.

Quality Control

We have achieved full qualification to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 in all stages of design and manufacture.

This means all aspects of the manufacturing of your cooling system, heat exchanger or components is quality assured.

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